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As we not only do indoor events but outdoor events as well, the details below are in relation to our outdoor LED display units.
You can download a PDF of the information below here.

P8.925 Outdoor Rental Curtain LED Display

Product Features

These panels weigh in at 13kg thanks to aluminum die-casting technology.

Wide-View Angle
The specially designed masks enable horizontal viewing up to 150 degrees.

Seamless Connection
The aluminum die-casting technology, together with high-precision CNC procession, allows for a seamless assembly up to ± 5 mm.

Low Power Consumption
These low current panels, combined with auto-adjusting brightness technology and PFC power supply, will save over 35% of your energy consumption, reducing the cost for power.

Easy to Maintain
No need to desassemble the entire screen for maintenance, as each component can be detached individually.

The aluminum structure does not require a fan and as the power supply is noiseless, the panel is completely silent.

Ghost Canceling
You'll receive a crystal clear picture quality with no ghost-image artifacts. Both upstream and downstream ghosts can be automatically canceled.

High Refresh Rate
A refresh rate of over 1880Hz ensures a stable picture without wrinkles or lines.

Low Brightness & High Gray Scale
14Bit - 16Bit gray scale gives excellent performance even when the brightness is reduced to 20%.

Application Scopes
The P8.925 is the go-to LED display panel for outdoor advertisement, small stage shows, stadium display screens, and many other outdoor events where LED displays are wanted.

500mm x 1000mm Outdoor Rental Series

Hollowed-Out Design Hanging Application
Content Specifications Unit
Product P8.925 -
Application Outdoor -
Pixel Pitch 8.925 mm
Constitution SMD3535 -
Driving Method 1/4 -
Brightness 5500 nit
Working Voltage AC 220V/110V ± 10% -
Panel Size 500 x 1000 mm
Material Aluminum -
Panel Weight 13 kg
IP Grade IP67 -
Viewing Angle 140°/140° °
Refresh Rate 1920 Hz
Gray Scale >14 Bit
Hanging Height 10 mm
Working Temperature -10~65 °C